Dear Marie, It has been an honor and privilege to be in your coaching seminars. I can only see great things happening inside my business.

Knowing that I will be making $60,000 / month in March, my family will be grateful to you as well. Thank you for all...

-- Isidro Orozco, Eco-Landscape

For many years I have run a successful business that most people would be more than satisfied to have, yet I have always known that I was capable of much much more. Within my Industry there isn't much documented education as how to run a business.

I have taken class after class over the years searching for some direction as to just how to tap into the potential available to me. I had always heard if you really knew your real numbers, business would automatically improve, well it's true, it's amazing.

Great systems have been developed tailored to my specific business, Marie is a genius, she has provided an Artist with the corporate mentality and in doing so changed my business in ways that always seemed to be out of my reach but knew were possible.
Marie was a God send when I needed help the most. My Tax Office of 26 years was declining rapidly, my employees were not completing their work nor were they performing at their optimum level. 

Marie helped me to communicate better with the good employees and to clean up the office of the bad employees.

Because of Marie’s help, I cut my costs and increased my profit. Thank you Marie, I will be forever grateful.

-- Eddie Cuadra Hernandez, Hernandez Income Tax Inc.
Marie has been instrumental in pushing me to do the things I need to do in order to achieve the kind of success I want. It is hard to be an entrepreneur because when you answer to yourself, it is easy to put things off since there is no deadline.

Marie inspires me to get things done and has helped me with great ideas to move things forward. Her energy and passion for helping others is admirable, anyone who Marie coaches will see a huge transformation in their lives.

-- Jimena Cortes, Wizard Media
So it has been 3 months since the time Marie put me into a place of needing to do what was important and accomplish some of my many goals she helped me set. Marie created feeling of urgency and motivated me only a best coach can I am happy to report that all my 15 goals are accomplished.

I set 15 goals hoping I could  achieve 3 top ones on my list I feel more mature and established to my own faith not only as a business person but also as a father and a husband. Thank you so much

-- Arthur Gazaryants, L.AC., Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist Artupuncture Wellness Clinic  
Sage guidance from a gentle soul. Marie Grigorian truly impressed me with her skills as a Life Coach. She offers clients clear guidance with step by step sessions on how to define goals and to move forward in life. Her enthusiastic and bright smile encourages you to believe in yourself. She is clearly in your corner and there to cheer you on toward success. I believe that no matter where you are or where you want to go, Marie will be able to help.

-- Martha Wiggins La Cresenta Library
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Coaching can help with:
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  • Strategy
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  • Communication
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Advanced Leadership Workshops, Leadership Development
  • Effectiveness & Performance Development
  • Enhancing your people Management Skills
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  • Working Effectively with Colleagues of Different Leadership Styles
  • Assimilation and Transition Coaching
  • Visioning, Strategy Facilitation, and Goal Setting