Meet Marie

The recurring request from Marie’s clients, prospects, friends, family members and people who attend her seminars, workshops and group coaching sessions is that they want to be around her because they love her positive energy that is contagious, her commitment to excellence that spills over their lives, her passion for coaching and contributing and her accountability.

Mission Statement
Who I am is a passionate and committed leader who never hesitates to take full ownership of her position, her ability and method of impacting the lives of people.

My commitment is to bring the brilliance out of people and help them put their abilities to work more effectively so they are the source of success in their lives and as a result are more fulfilled and ready to contribute to others. I choose to create a successful life for me and all others around me.

My Stand
Is to save jobs and create opportunities

For more than 30 years, Marie Grigorian has worked with individuals, small businesses and corporations and growing profitable companies. Her passion is coaching individuals and entrepreneurs to succeed in their lives as well as their careers and business.

She began her career with undergraduate studies in England and earned a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Southern California.

After graduating from USC, she immediately went to work in the corporate sector, and discovered her niche was leading and motivating individuals to become organized and efficient achievers able to function successfully as a team. At every company she worked for, including Disney, Drexel Burnham and Amgen, she quickly rose through the ranks and developed a reputation as a sought-after leader.

Marie started out as computer programmer then expanded her skills and knowledge to perform as Business analyst, Systems analyst, Product Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager and Program Manager.

About 5 years ago, she decided to venture on her own and pursue her true passion --working with individuals to achieve their dreams. She became a certified Life coach and then a certified business coach.

Working with Marie, clients are challenged to grow in small and consistent increments, which lead very quickly to quantum growth. Together, she and her clients create sustainable, long-term development. Nothing thrills her more than when her clients succeed!

Marie is also an experienced and sought-after corporate speaker, who designs and facilitates team building sessions to attain highly functional teams and success systems to managers, department heads and high-level executives.

Marie Grigorian has been a Life coach since 2007 and did business coaching from 2009 to 2011. Since that time she has helped many clients with life planning, career development, and transitions.

In Marie’s family education was very important. So there was no surprise that Marie travelled to Manchester England to continue her higher education and then moved to LA and attained her Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Marie has had diverse career experiences. You might say, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn hands on.

Her business background in Fortune 500 corporations, managing a team of over 150 employees globally, makes her especially effective in developing leadership, business plans, Change management, productivity, performance & profitability.

The mission of Creating Emgee-Coaching for Excellence is to assist her clients to achieve their desired results and maximize their potential while living balanced lives. To achieve this mission she offers programs that create “well-rounded” solutions for addressing new challenges and changes. They range from one-on-one coaching for individuals and groups, to workshops and professional presentations..

The majority of her clients are entrepreneurs or individuals in transition, looking to reach their desired accomplishments – their personal and professional pinnacle.

Not just an ordinary life coach, Marie acts as a strategist, helping to create a step-by-step plan to make her client’s life, new career or business a success. She works closely on all phases from conception, creative brainstorming, strategy, and structure. She has helped numerous individuals lead healthier and happier lives and establish fulfilling professional and personal relationships.

My favorite part of Life coaching has been enthusing people to follow their dreams while witnessing their blossoming and the dynamic changes that occur when people get out of their own way. What I have learned over the past several years as an entrepreneur is that the fulfillment does not come from money and achievement alone. It is about finding a way to operate from the unity of knowledge, logic, the heart and the soul and learning to draw from the serendipitous guidance of one’s intuition and their own inner voice.

Working for Amgen for 11 AMGEN years I learned to communicate, understand, appreciate, synergize with 60 global core members of the projects with an additional 150 functional members glued to each other and to keep their high level of performance constant and growing. It has been a very interesting experience to work with people with such verity of skills, aspirations, cultures and needs. When they all come together an amazing force is created. With this team I implemented the following projects.

  • Authored Quality Manual
  • Validated all systems to be compliant with US and EU GxP requirements and 21 CFR regulations
  • Conducted Quality systems maturity assessment and established Quality Management system to maintain continuous improvements and ensure product consistently meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements
  • Led strategic business and system process analysis. Identified system process improvements
  • Developed project plans for process improvements and system implementations
  • Cultivated productive relationships between 150 global team members, project, stakeholders and functional team members from various areas, sites, as well as consultants and vendors
  • Implemented Change Management system to ensure acceptance and effective use of new systems and process in all global offices
I had to learn influence and negotiation skills to collaborate and align decisions with Site Laboratory Heads, Functional Managers and Governance Teams. As global business process owner I was accountable and responsible for ensuring alignment and integration of global Business requirements in implementation of the following projects:

  • Electronic standardized Analytical Methods and Specs global data collection
  • Implement Thermo Stability Module globally
  • Align equipment standards globally
  • Capacity Planning and Scheduling
  • Global Electronic Automated Global Laboratories Environment
  • Global Chromatography Data Systems
My other experienced in other companies can be summarized as follows:

  • Disney Interactive -Senior Business Analyst - Consulting
  • First Interstate Bank –National Product Manager for Banking Electronic Products
  • Drexel Burnham Lambert - System and Business Analyst

Marie Grigorian
Coaching for Excellence

111 N. Jackson St, Suite 204
Glendale, CA 91206

Office (818) 528-3230
Mobile (818) 427-2752


Coaching can help with:
  • Money
  • Career
  • Body
  • Strategy
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Advanced Leadership Workshops, Leadership Development
  • Effectiveness & Performance Development
  • Enhancing your people Management Skills
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Strengthening your Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Working Effectively with Colleagues of Different Leadership Styles
  • Assimilation and Transition Coaching
  • Visioning, Strategy Facilitation, and Goal Setting